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Libraria AI chatbots make it easy for you to create beautiful, hallucination-free, chatbots built on better tech.

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Leave the maintenance and scraping to us.

For only $19/month and 5 minutes of your time, you get an AI chatbot that you can

Show it however you want, wherever you want.


Libraria supports an API for you to query your own data that you add into Libraria.


Paste a single line of JS code, or npm install our Libraria React module to embed it anywhere

Landing Page

A full page chatbot with privacy features. Set your privacy level as protected to let only members access your chatbot, or make it public to let anybody access it.

"The unmatched level of customisation offered by Libraria is among its most amazing features. I can customise the chatbot's responses, tone, and behaviour to better suit my brand identity and voice thanks to the platform's wide range of possibilities. A flawless and engaging user experience is ensured by the high level of personalisation, which strengthens the bond between my audience and the AI helper!"

Show it however you want, wherever you want.

Solid Pricing Plans

Flexible plans that grow with your business, a perfect fit.


Track commonly asked questions, failures, and other metrics


Add a UTM for every link you upload to track performance and conversions

Leave the infra to us

Work on the end result instead